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Who is the superintendent of public instruction for Washington state? Superintendent Chris Reykdal | OSPI.

How can I email Chris Reykdal? 

Chris Reykdal Non-Partisan
  1. (360) 790-3151.
  2. (360) 725-6115.
  3. (360) 753-6712.
  4. (360) 725-6000.

Who selects a superintendent of a school? Nationally, 97.8 percent of all school superintendents are appointed by the local school board. Approximately 320 district superintendents are currently elected in the United States.

How many superintendents are in Washington state? Washington has 295 school districts and 260 superintendent positions; 232 of them make more than $100,000 annually, according to the state database.

What is the biggest school district in Washington state?

Seattle Public Schools is the largest K-12 school system in Washington state, serving more than 49,870 students.

What does a school superintendent do?

A superintendent oversees several important tasks including hiring staff, managing budgets, monitoring student success, and developing a vision for the district. Given such a challenging and multifaceted position, there are many school superintendent skills that are necessary to thrive.

Who is the superintendent of Washington schools?

Chris Reykdal

Who is the current insurance commissioner of Washington state?

Mike Kreidler is Washington’s eighth insurance commissioner. A former member of Congress, he was first elected as insurance commissioner in 2000. He was re-elected to a sixth term in 2020.

Who is Washington state commissioner of public lands?

Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz leads Washington state’s wildfire fighting force and manages nearly 6 million acres of public lands – from coastal waters and aquatic reserves, to working forests and farms, commercial developments, and unparalleled recreation areas.

Does Washington state have a Department of education?

Washington | U.S. Department of Education.

Where does Washington State rank in education?


What state ranks first in education?

1. Massachusetts. Massachusetts has the best public school system in the U.S. 48.8% of Massachusetts’s eligible schools ranked in the top 25% of high school rankings, a total of 167 schools. Massachusetts has the highest math and reading test scores in the U.S. and the second-highest median ACT score of 25.1.

How many private schools are in Washington state?

Approximately five hundred private schools operate in Washington, serving over 80,000 students.

What is the biggest high school in Washington?

Mariner High School
  • grade B.
  • Students 2,413.
  • Student-teacher ratio 21:1.

Who regulates private schools in Washington state?

The state board of education grants private school approval pursuant to RCW 28A.

How many 4A high schools are in Washington state?

Classification Enrollment Ranges Number of Schools
4A 1343.29+ 64
3A 971.72-1343.28 66
2A 461-971.71 65
1A 214.50-461.24 65

What is the #1 High School in Washington?

Tesla STEM High School

#1 Best Public High Schools in Washington.

What is the best school district in WA state?

The top five school districts in Washington, all with a grade of A+, are:
  • Mercer Island (six schools, 4,496 students)
  • Bellevue (31 schools, 21,672 students)
  • Bainbridge Island (10 schools, 3,835 students)
  • Lake Washington (56 schools, 31,851 students)
  • Issaquah (28 schools, 21,358 students)

What is the largest High School in America?

Summary. The largest high school in the US in regards to the number of enrolled students is the Penn Foster High School in Pennsylvania. The number of enrolled students is 45,000.

What is the smallest public school in the US?

Austin Area Junior Senior High School serves grades 7–12 and is the smallest school in the state.

Austin High School (Austin, Pennsylvania)

Austin Area Junior Senior High School
Grades 7-12
Number of students 79 (2017–18)
Student to teacher ratio 9.31

What is the biggest high school under one roof?

With a campus currently listed as 65 acres (263,000 m²), ETHS provides its students with many technically proficient facilities. With more than 1.2 million square feet indoors, it is the largest high school facility under one roof in the United States.


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