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Which island is most beautiful in Washington state? Whidbey Island

This picturesque island is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in Washington, and there are plenty of things to do on Whidbey Island. Whether you’re looking to explore the nature trails or take a scenic drive, there is something for everyone on Whidbey Island.

What is the best island to visit in Puget Sound? 

The 5 Best Islands to Visit in Puget Sound
  • Vashon Island. You can take the ferry to Vashon from both Seattle and Tacoma.
  • Whidbey Island. Whidbey Island is the largest in the sound and offers the most activities.
  • Fidalgo Island. On the northern end of Puget Sound, you’ll find Fidalgo Island.
  • Blake Island.
  • Anderson Island.

What island is across from Seattle? Whidbey Island is located in Puget Sound, just north of Seattle, Washington.

What is the name of the island in Washington? 

List of islands of Washington (state)
Island Name (Selected Islands) County Name Area (miles²)
Bachelor Island Clark
Bainbridge Island Kitsap 27.6
Bare Island San Juan
Barnes Island San Juan 0.0529687

Is it worth visiting San Juan Islands?

The San Juan Islands are located off the coast of Washington State, bordering the Vancouver and Victoria BC islands. These islands are one of the true natural wonders of the world and definitely worth a visit, especially if you love the outdoors.

Do you need a passport to go to San Juan Islands?

A: No passport is required to visit the San Juan Islands. They are located in the northwest corner of Washington State. If you are visiting from Canada or outside the U.S., you will need a passport. Q: What is Orcas Island known for?

What is the most populated island in Washington state?

About Bainbridge Island

One of the most populated islands in Washington, with 23,000+ residents calling it home, Bainbridge Island is one of the most popular day trips from Seattle.

Does Washington state have an island?

Surrounded by the salty waters of the Salish Sea and Puget Sound, the islands of Washington state shimmer brightly with wild beauty. Accessible by ferry, personal boat or bridge, traveling to the islands of the Evergreen State is a rite of passage and a quintessential Pacific Northwest experience.

Who lives on Mercer Island WA?

Just outside of Seattle is a ritzy enclave called Mercer Island, and it’s home to some of Seattle’s billionaires. Microsoft co-founder and NFL Seahawks owner Paul Allen (net worth: $19.8 billion) has a mansion there, as does Starbucks executive chairman Howard Schultz (net worth: $2.8 billion).

Do you have to take a ferry to Whidbey Island?

There are only three ways to get to Whidbey Island by car. One is by traveling across Deception Bridge from Fidalgo Island at the northern end of the island. This is the only method that doesn’t require a ferry.

How long is the ferry ride from Seattle to Whidbey Island?

This ferry runs between Whidbey Island and Mukilteo (South of Everett). The wait for cars is long, but walk on passengers go faster. The crossing is listed as 20 minuets but most of the time takes 15 minuets. Very fun and pretty ride!

Do you need a car on Whidbey Island?

Getting Around Whidbey: For Whidbey, you need a car. There are a number of charming small towns, great areas for hiking and whale watching…. all accessed best by car. If you are determined to try public transit and have lots of time,there is an extensive Island Transit bus system on Whidbey.

What is Whidbey Island known for?

As an island, Whidbey is known for its excellent seafood. The standout, though, are mussels farmed from Penn Cove, near Coupeville. It’s not unusual on Whidbey to ask someone “where are these mussels from?” and literally have them point down the road.

Is Whidbey Island wealthy?

Most of the rest of the island is a much less dramatic blending of areas with about $55,000-$65,000 per year. Nothing exotic there, at least in terms of income. The emphasis shifts south when net worth is measured. Oak Harbor net worths are frequently about $63,000 (2016 data from

What is the best time to visit Whidbey Island?

Whidbey Island Weather in May-June: An excellent season to visit Whidbey Island, the average temperature falls around 56℉. The weather is great for outdoors, the air being moderately humid. This is most likely one of the best times to visit Whidbey Island and also a tourist high season.

What kind of people live on Whidbey Island?

Whidbey is home to numerous working artists, writers, and performers. These include many well-known painters, sculptors, glass artists, wood workers, metal workers, mixed media artists, photographers, authors, poets, actors, and musicians.

Does it rain a lot on Whidbey Island?

Whidbey Island Station, Washington gets 22 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year. Whidbey Island Station averages 4 inches of snow per year.

What is the cost of living in Whidbey Island?

Whidbey Island Station cost of living is 91.2
COST OF LIVING Whidbey Island Station Washington
Overall 91.2 118.7
Grocery 102 101.1
Health 92.1 83.8
Housing 87.5 164.9

How long does it take to drive the length of Whidbey Island?

The island is about 60 miles long and only 10 miles wide, with lots of interesting places to stop. It takes about an hour to drive it from end to end but you will definitely want to get out of the car to explore.

Is it worth visiting Bainbridge Island?

A day trip to Bainbridge Island, which includes a short ferry ride across the Puget Sound, is undoubtedly one of the best day trips from Seattle.

How do you get around Whidbey Island?

The ferry between Clinton on Whidbey Island and Mukilteo on the mainland runs from 5:30 a.m. until after midnight. For most of the day, two boats sail the route, providing service every half-hour. The ferry runs between Coupeville on Whidbey Island and Pt.


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