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Where can I take pictures in Seattle? 

Drake and their partner capture memories in Seattle at Rattlesnake Park.
  • Pike Place Market & Post Alley. Post Alley is one of Seattle’s most charming streets and is an essential part of any trip to the city.
  • Seattle Waterfront.
  • 3. Kerry Park.
  • Pioneer Square.
  • Olympic Sculpture Park.
  • Gas Works Park.
  • Discovery Park.
  • Alki Beach.

Where is the best view of Seattle? 

Best view of Seattle skyline — Table of Contents
  • Gas Works Park.
  • Mt. Baker Ridge Viewpoint.
  • Joe and Jack Block Park.
  • Ferry to Bainbridge Island.
  • Smith Tower.
  • Space Needle.
  • Sky View Observatory.
  • Volunteer Park Water Tower.

What is Seattle best known for? Seattle is famous for Starbucks and overall coffee culture, grunge music scene, the Seahawks, the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, headquarters of a lot of the tech industry (including both Amazon and Microsoft), hiking, kayaking, and general outdoors lifestyle (think REI).

Where can I take pictures of the Space Needle? Kerry Park | The Postcard View

Kerry Park is the iconic view of downtown Seattle where it appears the Space Needle is the largest building in the city and is right in the middle. On a nice day, this park is packed with photographers, tourists, and walkers stopping to take in the view.

How long is the wait for the Space Needle?

You have to wait to go through security and then in staging for the elevator. While you wait there is plenty of stuff to read and interesting photos about the construction of the Space Needle. We did not wait very long at all – maybe 20 minutes! over a year ago.

Can you take pictures in the Space Needle?

Yes! You’ll have plenty to capture during your visit to the Space Needle.

Where can I take pictures?

Just hop on your bike, get in your car, pack your bag and take a walk to explore the hidden treasures located right near you.
  • Colored Walls. No matter where in the world you live, you can find an interesting colored wall somewhere nearby.
  • Garage Doors.
  • Secret Gardens.
  • Graffiti.
  • Marinas.
  • Rooftops.
  • Sidewalks.
  • Staircases.

Can you see Canada from the Space Needle?

On a clear day you can see Canada! – Review of Space Needle, Seattle, WA – Tripadvisor.

How far can you see from the top of the Space Needle?

The Space Needle stands at 605 feet tall. The Space Needle offers 360-degree views from its three main viewing areas – an indoor observation deck and open-air viewing area located at 520 feet, and an observation level featuring a revolving glass floor located 500 feet above ground.

How safe is Seattle?

Seattle is one of the safest of America’s larger cities. It’s a pretty walkable place where you’re not likely to encounter a high level of violent or even petty crime.

What areas should I avoid in Seattle?

Seattle’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in 2022
  • northgate.
  • Queen Anne.
  • Capitol Hill.
  • Downtown Commercial.
  • University District.
  • Ballard South.
  • Sand point.
  • Belltown.

Is it safe to walk downtown Seattle at night?

The city core is mostly safe before midnight — Downtown, Belltown, the International District, SoDo, Georgetown, Capitol Hill, Queen Anne Hill. West Seattle is also very safe. You should probably stay away from First Hill and Pioneer Place is a bit sketchy during the night time.

Is Pike Place Market Safe?

Today, the Market is the shining glory of Seattle’s downtown. Many folks from around the region will not come to the center city of Seattle due to safety concerns, closed storefronts and generally blighted conditions. However, the Pike Place Market is the one place everyone can feel safe and enjoy.

Is Chinatown in Seattle safe?

Be very careful visiting this place. We we’re there for about an hour to see China Town and it is a very dangerous place there are mostly homeless people. The only sites to see are the homeless and some restaurants. The place is filthy and nothing is taken care of.

Is it depressing to live in Seattle?

Even in normal times, some people who live in Seattle start to feel down around this time of the year. The gray and drizzle has set in, and we can look forward to six more months of it. But 2020 is anything but normal.

Why is Pike’s market place so famous?

Pike Place Fish Market, located at the main entrance of the covered market area, is famous for its crowd-pleasing antics with fish mongers flinging the daily catch through the air to be caught and wrapped behind the counter.

What does the pig mean in Seattle?

Rachel the Pig, who has been at the Market since 1986, is the creation of Northwest sculptor Georgia Gerber, who also sculpted the gorilla and baboon families at Woodland Park Zoo and the Husky Stadium’s dog. Gerber modeled Rachel after her neighbor’s pet pig, who was a prizewinner at the 1985 Island County Fair.

What time do they throw fish at Pikes?

People travel from all over to USA’s Washington State to see the famous Pike Place fish throwers playing their slippery game of catch. At Pike Place Fish Market, the working day begins at 6.30am with ‘a huddle and a stretch’.

What is the deal with pigs in Seattle?

Modeled after a pig (also named Rachel) that lived on Whidbey Island and was the 1985 Island County prize-winner. In 2006 Rachel received roughly $9,000 annually while in 2018, donations increased to $20,000.

Rachel (Gerber)

Type Sculpture
Medium Bronze
Subject Piggy bank
Condition “Well maintained” (1995)

Why are there pigs all over Seattle?

Why Pigs? In 1971, the citizens of Seattle voted to save the Market from the wrecking ball and also to ensure vital social services for low-income people. The Market Foundation thought a piggy bank could help raise money for these services. Georgia Gerber, a local sculptor, designed Rachel, the Market’s piggy bank.

Why are there pigs at Pikes Place Market?

In 1986, the nonprofit Pike Place Market Foundation decided a piggy bank was just what was needed to help raise funds to support housing and services for low-income neighbors.


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