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What restaurant has the crispiest fried chicken? Popeyes has mastered the traditional T.L.C. method of hand-battered, deep-fried chicken at scale, without sacrificing quality. Their Bonafide Chicken and boneless tenders alike are consistently the crunchiest and most flavorful in the fast food circuit.

What is Oprah’s favorite fried chicken? Ezell’s was made famous when talk show host Oprah Winfrey called it her favorite fried chicken. There are a number of photos of her on the wall in the original Seattle location proclaiming her love of the chicken. It is also said she has the chicken flown to her in Chicago when she has a craving.

What food can you only get in Seattle? 

The Top 16 Quintessential Seattle Things to Eat
  • Oysters. The Walrus and the Carpenter. Ballard.
  • Chicken teriyaki. Toshi’s Teriyaki Grill.
  • Short rib pho. Pho Bac Súp Shop.
  • Triple coconut cream pie. Dahlia Bakery.
  • Hot dog. Deep Dive.
  • Canlis salad. Canlis.
  • Passionfruit yogurt. Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt.
  • Dick’s Deluxe. Dick’s Drive-In.

Does Seattle have KFC? 6 KFC Locations in Seattle.


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