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What is Washington’s state bird and flower? 

Type Symbol Adopted
Bird American goldfinch (Spinus tristis) 1951
Endemic mammal Olympic marmot (Marmota olympus) 2009
Fish Steelhead trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) 1969
Flower Pacific rhododendron (Rhododendron macrophyllum) 1959

What is the state bird for the state of Washington? The American Goldfinch was designated as the Washington State Bird in 1951. This beautiful golden bird is found throughout our state and is commonly seen in flocks in fields, bushes and trees.

What is the state of Washington animal? In 2009, the Olympic marmot, the only endemic mammal in Washington state, was designated as the state endemic mammal following a proposal from the 4th and 5th graders at Wedgwood School in Seattle.

Why is the goldfinch the state bird of Washington? Two other States had already selected American Goldfinch as their State Bird, so the State Legislature decided to leave the final choice to school children. In 1951, children voted for the goldfinch and the Legislature made it unanimous, the “Willow Goldfinch” as they called it, was the official Washington State Bird.

What bird is the most common state bird?

Northern Cardinal or, simply, referred to as Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis): State Bird of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia.

Do goldfinches migrate in Washington state?

Many southern US populations of American Goldfinch are resident, but northern populations migrate. They migrate by day in flocks, and many of Washington’s breeders leave the state in winter.

Do finches live in Washington State?

Range in Washington: American Goldfinches are year-round residents throughout most of Washington, but summer residents only along the northern border of the state.

What is Washington state famous for?

From the Pacific Ocean to spectacular mountain ranges, to its fertile agricultural lands in the east, Washington is known for far more than you may think. Washington State is known for snow-capped volcanic mountains, multiple national parks, as a college basketball capital, as well as for its agricultural prowess.

What is Washington state’s motto?

State, federal district and territory mottos
State federal district or territory Motto Date
Washington Al-ki or Alki (Unofficial)
West Virginia Montani semper liberi September 26, 1863
Wisconsin Forward 1851
Wyoming Equal Rights 1893

What is Washington state vegetable?

The Walla Walla sweet onion is designated as the official vegetable of the state of Washington.

What is the weirdest state motto?

1. Connecticut – Qui transtulit sustinet, He who transplanted sustains. Our oldest state motto, created in 1662, has survived over three centuries despite being perfectly ambiguous, just like Connecticut itself, which, as one drives along I-95, could be mistaken for a large county in New York, or maybe Massachusetts.

What does Alki mean?

Washington’s unofficial motto is “Alki” (or Al-ki), originally a native American word meaning “bye and bye” which evolved to mean “into the future” (Washington Legislature has not yet recognized an official state motto).

What is a slang word for alcoholic?

alchie/alkey/alkie. bacchanalian. barfly.

What is the nickname for Washington?

Washington was nicknamed “The Evergreen State” by C.T. Conover, pioneer Seattle realtor and historian, for its abundant evergreen forests. The nickname has never been officially adopted.

What are 5 interesting facts about Washington State?

Interesting Facts About Washington State
  • Washington operates the largest ferry fleet in the United States.
  • The population of Washington is 7.512 million.
  • The state capital of Washington is Olympia.
  • Washington State grows the most apples in the US.
  • Washington is the second-largest wine-producing region in the US.

What is Washington known for food?

Washington state is known for its fresh coastal seafood, eastern vineyards and, of course, abundant coffee shops. But it’s also home to a diverse community of farmers and foragers that grow and harvest ingredients like lavender, asparagus, mushrooms and peated barley.

What does Washington State have that no other state has?

Washington state produces more apples than any other state in the union. Washington state has more glaciers than the other 47 contiguous states combined. Washington state’s capitol building was the last state capitol building to be built with a rotunda.

What is Seattle best known for?

Seattle is famous for Starbucks and overall coffee culture, grunge music scene, the Seahawks, the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, headquarters of a lot of the tech industry (including both Amazon and Microsoft), hiking, kayaking, and general outdoors lifestyle (think REI).

What food is Seattle famous for?

Shellfish is a Seattle staple, from the many places to slurp fantastically briny oysters to those that serve up geoduck (pronounced “gooey duck”), an enormous, coveted clam that sometimes catches newcomers off guard with its odd appearance.

What dessert is Seattle known for?

Hot Cakes’ Dark Decadence is the cake that started it all, originally sold at various farmers markets in the Seattle area, and it’s the one you should order. This cake is made up of deep, velvety Theo chocolate and dry-burned caramel, served alongside vanilla ice cream that’s topped with nib toffee.

Is Seattle a depressing place to live?

Even in normal times, some people who live in Seattle start to feel down around this time of the year. The gray and drizzle has set in, and we can look forward to six more months of it. But 2020 is anything but normal.


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