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What is Washington State mostly known for? 

Washington is known for:
  • Beautiful Scenery.
  • Agriculture.
  • Birthplace of Starbucks.
  • Aerospace industry.
  • Home of Microsoft and

Is Washington State beautiful? Anyone who has traveled across this great country knows how beautiful it truly is (yes, all of it). Every state has its own special features, but we happen to think the Pacific Northwest is the best place to be. And without a doubt, Washington is the most beautiful state of them all.

What city in Washington has the highest elevation? Despite the wheat fields and rolling landscape around the city, Waterville is the highest elevation city in Washington State at 2,622 feet.

What is the elevation of Washington State? 

Washington / Elevation

What are winters like in Washington State?

Winters are mild and wet, with mainly cloudy skies, and long-lasting drizzly rain. The average low temperatures drop to 23°F (-5°C) in January, while night temperatures regularly dip between -10°F (-23.3°C) to -20°F (-28.9°C). Wind speeds reach 40 to 50mph (80.5km/h) during the cold months.

Is Washington State a good place to live?

Washington has a super low crime rate, beating the vast majority of the rest of the US in police statistics, making it one of the safest places to live in the country. The weather, although rainy, is mostly temperate throughout the year, especially towards the western side of the state.

What is the lowest elevation in Washington State?

The lowest point in Washington is sea level where Washington meets the Pacific Ocean in the west. The Mean Elevation of the state of Washington is 1,700 feet above sea level.

What is the highest elevation in the United States?

Alaska. Denali: 20,310 feet (6,190 m) high. Denali is the highest point in the United States and is located in the Alaska Range in the interior of the U.S. state of Alaska. Denali is also the highest point in North America.

What is the elevation of Seattle above sea level?

Seattle / Elevation

Why Washington is the best state?

Washington took the top spot in the rankings with an overall score of 67.45. Under the key dimensions, Washington ranked sixth in affordability, 17th in education and health, second in quality of life, third in economic health and sixth in civic engagement.

Is Washington expensive to live in?

The cost of living in Washington is 13% higher than the national average. Housing is 20% higher than the national average, while utilities are 9% lower. When it comes to basic necessities such as food and clothing, groceries are around 11% higher than in the rest of the country, while clothing costs 11% higher.

What are the pros and cons of living in Washington state?

Pros And Cons Of Living In Washington State
  • Picturesque landscape.
  • Robust economy.
  • Low overall income tax burden.
  • High resident satisfaction rate.
  • Temperate year-round climate.
  • Cloudy and rainy weather.
  • High cost of living.
  • High sales tax rate.

What is the cheapest city to live in in Washington state?

Quincy. Arguably the cheapest place to live in Washington, the town of Quincy boasts low home prices as well as affordable rent costs. The median home cost in Quincy is $306,000. Renters make up 37.9% of the population.

Where should you not live in Washington State?

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Washington State?

In order to be happy living in Washington, you will need a big chunk of change. According to a survey from Purdue University and, the minimum salary needed to be happy in Washington is $117,180.

How much is an average house in Washington State?

$624,275. The typical home value of homes in Washington is $624,275. This value is seasonally adjusted and only includes the middle price tier of homes. Washington home values have gone up 18.2% over the past year.

What state is the cheapest to buy a house in?

West Virginia is the cheapest state to buy a home. A typical home in West Virginia costs $129,103, nearly $30,000 less than Mississippi’s and less than half of the national average. A homebuyer can expect to get 1,792 square feet of living space for that price.

Is Washington or Oregon cheaper to live in?

Oregon is 7.8% cheaper than Washington.

How much money do you need to buy a house in Washington?

Typically, mortgage lenders in Washington want you to contribute 20% of the purchase price as a down payment. That would be $125,511 for a $627,555 home — the typical home value in Washington.

What is property tax in Washington State?

Overview of Washington Taxes

Washington State has property tax rates below the national average of 1.07%. More specifically, the state’s average effective tax rate is 0.93%.

How do I buy a house with no money in Washington State?

USDA and VA: No Down Payment Required
  1. USDA: This program provides a 90% government guarantee to approved lenders, which enables them to offer home loans up to 100% of the purchase price.
  2. VA: The VA loan program is another way to buy a home in Washington with no down payment.


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