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What is the most popular park in Seattle? Or check out: Kerry Park, boasting the most iconic views of Seattle. Be sure to bring your camera to capture views of the city skyline, Space Needle, and Elliott Bay against the occasional backdrop of Mount Rainier.

Where is the best view of Seattle? 

Best view of Seattle skyline — Table of Contents
  • Gas Works Park.
  • Mt. Baker Ridge Viewpoint.
  • Joe and Jack Block Park.
  • Ferry to Bainbridge Island.
  • Smith Tower.
  • Space Needle.
  • Sky View Observatory.
  • Volunteer Park Water Tower.

What is the number one tourist attraction in Seattle? 1. Seattle Center & the Space Needle. Seattle Center, along with its iconic Space Needle and the Monorail, was originally built for the 1962 World’s Fair. They have since been turned into an entertainment complex and park area with theaters, sports facilities, and restaurants.

Does Seattle have a good park system? Jumping from 14th to 9th place in one year, Seattle leapt forward in the Trust for Public Land (TPL) ParkScore index in 2021 due to an increase in new park acreage.

What is the largest park in Seattle?

Discovery Park is a 534 acre natural area park operated by the Seattle Parks and Recreation. It is the largest city park in Seattle, and occupies most of the former Fort Lawton site.

Do I have to pay for parking in Seattle?

Paid parking is in effect Monday through Saturday and is generally limited to 2 hours, 4 hours, or 10 hours (all-day). Parking is free on Sundays, when time limits generally do not apply. Please note that many streets have morning, afternoon, or other restrictions when parking is not allowed.

Does Seattle have a park?

Discovery Park

At 534 acres, Discovery Park is the largest city park in Seattle. Its purpose is threefold: it’s a green oasis in a city that is constantly developing, a wildlife sanctuary and a space dedicated to environmental education.

Is Carkeek Park parking lot open?

Park entrance is free, and official hours are daily, 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Is Greenlake open?

Park open year-round from dawn to dusk. Fridays and weekends are our busiest days. We recommend arriving early on these days. Fishing: Only on Green Lake outside of swimming area.

Is Green Lake Seattle nice?

Green Lake Seattle Neighborhood is one of the most desirable places to live in the city. It has a lot going on – good schools, access to the lake and mountains, a pretty good bus system for commuting around Seattle. Green Lake is one of our most popular neighborhoods in Seattle!

Do you have to pay to get into Green Lakes?

Admission: $8 vehicle fee. Handicap accessibility: Yes, there are paved walkways, but not for trails (dirt) or beach (sand). Swimming: Swimming is allowed in the designated swimming area only. Call for dates/hours (315) 637-6111.

Do people swim in Green Lake Seattle?

At Green Lake, you can still swim where a lifeguard is present. For lifeguard locations and hours, go to Seattle Parks Green Lake page . The lifeguards check these two beaches often to make sure there are not toxic algae at the beach. Do not swim in other areas of the lake when there is a toxic algae warning!

How dirty is Lake Union?

In general, Lake Union water is as clean as any other freshwater in Seattle. The Montlake Cut and Ship Canal form a connection between Puget Sound, Lake Union, and Lake Washington, which is fed by the Cedar and Sammamish Rivers.

Is Lake Washington dirty?

Lake Washington was heavily contaminated by untreated sewage until extensive pollution controls by the city of Seattle.

Is Green Lake dirty?

Despite its reputation, Green Lake is clean and safe for swimmers, according to routine testing by King County. The same goes for Lake Washington. In Lake Union, it’s actually illegal to swim, in part because of busy boat traffic.

Can you swim in ocean in Seattle?

The ocean water along the Pacific coast here flows down from the Arctic and is generally too cold for swimming. With as much as 60% of Washington’s population living in the Seattle area, urban beaches are a way of life in this state.

Can you eat fish from Green Lake Seattle?

Green Lake hosts resident populations of both channel catfish and their smaller cousins, the brown bullhead. Channel catfish are one of the most popular game fish in Washington and can fill in the slower summer trout-fishing summer months with an excellent eating catch.

What is a blue lake?

The clear truth is, “blue water lake” is not a scientific term, and in fact, carries no real definition. The term blue water has, however, been associated with areas that enjoy exceptional water quality, because when sunlight penetrates these pure waters, other wavelengths (colors) are absorbed more strongly than blue.

What state has cleanest lakes?

Crater Lake, Oregon

Because Crater Lake isn’t fed by any streams or rivers, scientists consider it to be the cleanest lake in the US and the entire world. It is also the clearest, with visibility up to 100 feet and sunlight pervading down some 400 feet.

Can you swim in Blue Lake?

The lake is large and calm and great for those who enjoy a longer swim or a float in peaceful waters. The Plenty River also runs through the park.

Can you walk around Blue Lake?

Enjoy a circuit walk around the Blue Lake perimeter. The trail follows John Watson Drive and Bay Road around the lake. The Tower, The Pumping Station and Mount Schank can be viewed from the Rotary Lookout. There are numerous lookouts and interpretive signs along the way.


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