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What is the best island to visit in Puget Sound? 

The 5 Best Islands to Visit in Puget Sound
  • Vashon Island. You can take the ferry to Vashon from both Seattle and Tacoma.
  • Whidbey Island. Whidbey Island is the largest in the sound and offers the most activities.
  • Fidalgo Island. On the northern end of Puget Sound, you’ll find Fidalgo Island.
  • Blake Island.
  • Anderson Island.

Which island is closest to Seattle? Bainbridge Island is the closest of the islands near Seattle, WA. It’s so close, in fact, that a lot of people commute into the city for work. The 35-minute ferry ride departs and arrives right in downtown Seattle, offering beautiful views of the Seattle skyline and Puget Sound.

Which island is most beautiful in Washington state? Whidbey Island

This picturesque island is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in Washington, and there are plenty of things to do on Whidbey Island. Whether you’re looking to explore the nature trails or take a scenic drive, there is something for everyone on Whidbey Island.

What islands does the Seattle ferry go to? About 4.6 million people ride the Seattle / Bainbridge Island route each year. The trip from Seattle to Bainbridge Island via ferry boat (locals refer to it merely as “the boat”) is 35 minutes. The two Washington State Ferry boats on this route are over 400 feet long, and can carry up to 200 cars and 2,500 passengers.

Is Bainbridge Island worth visiting?

A day trip to Bainbridge Island, which includes a short ferry ride across the Puget Sound, is undoubtedly one of the best day trips from Seattle.

How long is the ferry ride from Seattle to San Juan Islands?

Seattle to San Juan Island and Friday Harbor Ferry

The 3 hours and 45 minutes ferry ride through the Salish Sea will take you past Whidbey Island and underneath historic Deception Pass bridge before arriving in Friday Harbor.

How long is ferry ride from Seattle to Victoria?

The Victoria Clipper ferry ride to Victoria takes 2 hours and 45 minutes, traveling direct between Pier 69 in downtown Seattle and the Belleville Terminal in downtown Victoria, BC’s Inner Harbor.

How long is the ferry ride from Seattle to Whidbey Island?

The Mukilteo ferry terminal is about 26 miles north of downtown Seattle. You can take the ferry from Mukilteo over to the town of Clinton on Whidbey Island. The ride is only 20 minutes, so it’s much faster than going to some of the other Puget Sound islands, like San Juan or Bainbridge.

How long does it take to get from Seattle to Bainbridge Island by ferry?

The crossing time to Bainbridge lasts about 35 minutes and offers a spectacular view of Seattle’s skyline across Elliott Bay.

What is the longest ferry ride in Washington state?

The Seattle–Bremerton ferry is a ferry route across Puget Sound between Seattle and Bremerton, Washington.

Seattle–Bremerton ferry.

Hyak boarding at Bremerton.
Waterway Puget Sound
Authority Washington State Ferries (1951–present) Kitsap Fast Ferries (2017–present)
System length 17 miles (27 km)
Travel time 60 minutes (2018) 45 minutes (1968)

How long is the ferry ride from Seattle to Port Orchard?

It is about a 30-minute crossing with a quick stop at Vashon Island. The most scenic, and longest route, is from downtown Seattle to downtown Bremerton. If you are driving onto the ferry in Seattle, you can exit the ferry and take a short 20-minute drive to downtown Port Orchard.

How do you get to San Juan Islands from Seattle?

The San Juan Clipper is a high-speed passenger vessel that leaves from downtown Seattle’s Pier 69. Departures to Friday Harbor are mid-May – October. Hop on the San Juan Clipper for the fastest and easiest way to travel from downtown Seattle to the San Juan Islands!

Do you need a car to visit Bainbridge Island?

Bainbridge Island is a unique destination and one that is easy to visit without a car. In fact, the majority of shops and restaurants are located within an easy 15-minute walk from the ferry terminal, and the broader community is bike-friendly and easy to navigate.

How do I spend a day on Bainbridge Island?

How to Spend a Day On Bainbridge Island
  1. 8:45 AM: Leave for the ferry.
  2. 10 AM: Explore downtown Bainbridge.
  3. 12 PM: Get lunch.
  4. 1 PM: Go wine tasting.
  5. 3:30 PM: Stroll Grand Forest.
  6. 6 PM: Explore parks in south Bainbridge Island.
  7. 7:30 PM: Get dinner back in downtown Bainbridge.
  8. 9 PM: Take the ferry back to Seattle.

Is Bainbridge Island safe?

You’ll feel a strong sense of safety on Bainbridge Island, whether you are visiting or living here. That’s due in large part to our low crime rate. The overall island crime rate is less than half the national average, and the violent crime rate, specifically, is about one third the national average.

Is Bainbridge Island rich?

On Bainbridge, the average net worth is $817,003 and the average home value is $560,838 — a far stretch from the island’s early days as a low-frills rural retreat. The influx of wealth shows no sign of slowing.

Can you drive from Seattle to Bainbridge Island?

Driving to Bainbridge Island

A bridge connects Bainbridge Island to the mainland, and if driving from Seattle you will drive around Puget Sound. Approximate time from Seattle to Bainbridge Island by car: 1 hour 43 mins (92.1 miles).

Are there bears on Bainbridge Island?

Bear sightings are rare,” Balazs said. “Other than the recent sighting, I haven’t received a call for a bear on Bainbridge in 10 years.” There is, however, a significant population of bears living near Bainbridge in the forested area between the Suquamish Reservation and Poulsbo.

Is Bainbridge Island a true island?

Bainbridge Island is a city and island in Kitsap County, Washington, United States, located in Puget Sound. The population was 23,025 at the 2010 census and an estimated 25,298 in 2019, making Bainbridge Island the second largest city in Kitsap County.

Where do you catch the ferry to Bainbridge Island?

The Bainbridge Island Ferry, part of the Washington State Ferry service, serves as a connection between downtown Seattle and Bainbridge Island, a small island on the Kitsap Peninsula. Approximately once every 50 minutes, a ferry departs from Coleman Dock in downtown Seattle, and heads over to Bainbridge Island.

What is living on Bainbridge Island like?

Living in Bainbridge Island offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Bainbridge Island there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Many retirees live in Bainbridge Island and residents tend to lean conservative. The public schools in Bainbridge Island are highly rated.


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