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What hotels can you walk to from the Seattle airport? The closest hotel to the airport is the Radisson Hotel Seattle Airport, an easy 5-minute walk from the terminal. Downtown Seattle Hotel with Easy Access to Airport: The Renaissance Seattle has quick freeway access and is only 15-minutes (without traffic) from the Airport.

Does Seattle airport have an attached hotel? Conveniently located across the skybridge at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), Crowne Plaza® Seattle Airport hotel features premium amenities including complimentary airport shuttle and free Wi-Fi.

Can I stay in the Seattle airport overnight? Sleeping in Seattle Airport

The good news is that you can stay airside overnight, but it seems you will have to contend with a sea of armrests. Sadly, recent reviewers have noted that the benches are no longer available. Thumbs down Seattle! Landside, a meditation room offers peace and quiet.

How far is Hilton Seattle from airport? It is an easy 10 minute walk from the airport via the parking structure, Link Light Rail Station and attached bridge that has an elevator that drops you right across a side street from the hotel entrance.

Does Hilton Seattle have airport shuttle?

The Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center features secure covered parking and a frequent shuttle service to transport passengers to SeaTac.

How do I get from Seattle airport to Hilton?

The best way to get from Seattle Airport (SEA) to Hilton Bellevue without a car is to line 560 bus which takes 57 min and costs $1 – $4.

Can you walk from hotel to SeaTac airport?

2 answers. Yes you can walk to the hotel from both the north and south ends of the airport.

Can you walk from Hilton Seattle airport to airport?

Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center

Walk directly to the airport terminal via the sky bridge opposite the hotel or take the Link Light Rail to downtown attractions like Pike Place Market, The Space Needle, and Lumen Field. We have a business center, outdoor pool, and two private courtyards.

Can you walk out of SeaTac airport?

Yes, by walking from the terminal through the parking garage to the light rail station, there is a walkover that ends with a stairs or elevator that puts you on sidewalk less then a block from the hotel with no additional streets to cross. Really easy access.

How early should I get to the Seattle airport?

When should I arrive at the airport? Arrive two hours before your boarding time for domestic flights and three hours before for international flights. Get here early so you’ll have plenty of time to check in, go through security, find your gate, and explore our shops and restaurants!

Do I need a Covid test to fly out of Seatac?

Washington state does not require COVID-19 testing for any inbound or outbound domestic travel.

What is the busiest time at Seatac airport?

The busiest times of day at the security checkpoints are generally 5-7 a.m., 9-11 a.m., and 4-6 p.m, according to TSA. TSA is recommending travelers arrive early before their flight departure times and be prepared for the security screening process.

How do I get out of Seattle airport?

Turn left onto 518 and take the Sea-Tac International Airport exit. From the south: Take Interstate-5 to exit 154 and drive west on State Route 518 to the Sea-Tac International Airport exit. From the east: Take Interstate-405, which turns into State Route 518, to the Sea-Tac International Airport exit.

What can I do with a 10 hour layover in Seattle?

Top 7 Things To Do During A Layover In Seattle, WA
  • Pike Place Market. This is a great option for any trip to Seattle – Pike Place Market is one of those quintessential Seattle attractions.
  • Seattle Center.
  • Angle Lake Park.
  • The Seattle Great Wheel.
  • Seattle Aquarium.
  • Ye Old Curiosity Shop.
  • Highline SeaTac Botanical Gardens.

How long does it take to get through SeaTac?


According to Seatac, as a general rule it is recommended to arrive at least 2 hours before your scheduled domestic departure, and 3 hours before your international departure. Remember to arrive early and, if necessary, allow yourself enough time to park your car at the airport.

What can you do on a 4 hour layover in Seattle?

Here are 10 things to do on your layover at Seattle SeaTac Airport.
  • Eat. Start your layover with a bite to eat.
  • Upgrade your layover and check into an airport lounge.
  • Shop.
  • Enjoy live music.
  • Relax with a movie.
  • Pamper yourself.
  • Go sightseeing in Seattle.
  • Get Connected.

What is there to do in Seattle on a 6 hour layover?

Check out SFO International Airport: The Ultimate 3-6 Hour Layover Guide.
  • Take a Ferry from West Seattle to Bainbridge Island.
  • Kayak on one of Seattle’s Gorgeous Lakes then Reward Yourself With a Local Brew (or two)
  • Sail the Seattle Way on the Incredible Puget Sound.
  • Enjoy THE Seattle Beach Day.

How far is Space Needle from airport?

How far is it from Seattle Airport (SEA) to Space Needle? The distance between Seattle Airport (SEA) and Space Needle is 12 miles. The road distance is 15.9 miles. How do I travel from Seattle Airport (SEA) to Space Needle without a car?

What is there to do in Seattle for 5 hours?

5 Hour Itinerary Options for Things to Do in Seattle
  • Seattle Southside: Museum of Flight, Des Moines Beach Park & Seattle Chocolate Factory Tour.
  • Seattle Waterfront: Pike Place Market, Seattle Aquarium & Seattle Great Wheel.
  • Seattle Center : The Space Needle, Pacific Science Center, and MoPOP Museum.
  • Snoqualmie Falls.

What can you do with a 12 hour layover in Seattle?

How to Spend A 12 Hour Layover in Seattle
  • Check out the Space Needle. Definitely Seattle’s most iconic landmark, this observation tower is a must do for many tourists.
  • Marvel at Chihuly Garden & Glass. Contrary to the Space Needle, we unexpectedly fell in love with Chihuly’s glass exhibit!
  • Stroll through the EMP Museum.

How do I get to Pikes market from airport?

Take one direct light rail from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to Pike Place Market in Seattle: take the 1-LINE light rail from Seatac/Airport Station station to Westlake Station station. The total trip duration for this route is approximately 53 min. The ride fare is $3.00.


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