Thu. May 30th, 2024

Is Seattle good for vegans? Seattle has a wide variety of vegan dining options, not to mention a strong selection of vegetarian restaurants, which can usually accommodate vegans with ease. No matter where one goes around the region, it’s not too difficult to find dive bars, diners, and upscale destinations dedicated to meatless dishes.

Is Washington State vegan friendly? Seattle is among the top cities for vegetarians and vegans, and one of our neighbors is No. 1. Though Seattle has plenty to offer vegans and vegetarians, ranking fourth in the nation for meatless meals, we’re still trailing Portland.

Is Seattle good for vegetarians? You don’t need us to tell you that Seattle is serious about its seafood—but it’s also a pretty good place to be a vegan or vegetarian. Whether you want grain bowls, tacos, a special occasion vegan tasting menu, or you just want to get out of a tofu pad thai rut, these spots can help.

Is UC Davis vegan friendly? UC Davis prides itself in its commitment to sustainability. The campus hopes to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions. And so, you can feel a campus culture centered around healthy and environmentally conscious living. It is easy to be vegan, vegetarian, plant based, and health conscious in this community.


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