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How much does it cost to play golf in Seattle? Greens fees run from $299 during the summer to $159 during the shoulder season, and tee times can be reserved as far as 90 days in advance.

What is the hardest golf course in Washington state? 

Here is a listing state by state of the toughest courses in each state by course rating from the back tees.


Chambers Bay, University Place 76.8
The Home Course 76.4
Indian Summer, Olympia 76.2
Palouse Ridge, Pullman 76.2
Canterwood, Gig Harbor 75.9

Is golf popular in Seattle? However, the drizzly gem of the Pacific Northwest has quietly become home to one of the country’s most vibrant golf scenes. Nestled in the green foliage of the surrounding mountains, Seattle has become a top golfing destination.

Can you golf year round in Washington state? No matter the season, there is an abundance of golf courses and resorts within the region where year-round golf is not only possible, but desirable for added challenges on the green. From luxury overnight experiences to wallet-friendly day trips, the Pacific Northwest is a golfer’s paradise.

Does Chambers Bay drain well?

I’m told Chambers Bay drains really well, but the moisture still messes with the speed of the fairways and greens. That means a long course (it plays 7,165 yards from the blue tees) is made even longer if it’s wet. NOTE: There are no golf carts allowed at Chambers Bay Golf Course (unless you have a health issue).

What states have golf year round?

These are the four best locations for year-round golf in the United States.
  • Naples, Florida. There are dozens of cities in Florida that are perfect for year-long golf, but none of them are able to top Naples.
  • San Diego, California.
  • Hilton Head, South Carolina.
  • Scottsdale, Arizona.

Can you play golf all year round?

Just don’t forget your warm clothing and waterproofs, just in case! Although the golf season runs from April to September, golf is a sport that can be enjoyed all year round.

How long is golf season in Seattle?

Head to Seattle in winter for a great golf experience. The courses are open from November-April, but if you want an all year round one then head down south where their season lasts 12 months!

Is PGA golf year round?

There is no off season in professional golf thanks to the still relatively new PGA Tour wrap-around schedule. Even the European Tour are at it.

Can you golf year round in Texas?

Can you play golf year-round in Texas? Generally speaking, you can, especially in temperate Houston, and also in San Antonio and Austin. Average highs are in the 60s, but keep in mind the worst cold snaps that happen a couple times each winter can cause freezes or even snow. But those occasions are rare.

Can you golf year round in Oregon?

Several Central Oregon courses are open year round, such as Brasada Ranch and Juniper Golf Course. There are also courses open all year round in Southern Oregon and along the Coast. So, yes, you can golf in Oregon during winter — but you might have to drive farther!

When can you golf in Alaska?

The Alaska golf season usually runs May through September and with the midnight sun, tee times can range from 5 a.m. until nearly midnight.

Does New Mexico have good golf?

At the top of the rankings is the 27-hole facility at Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club which can be played for around fifty bucks at certain times of the year. Our New Mexico Best In State Rankings were last updated in August 2020.

Can you golf year round in New Mexico?

Enjoy Year-Round Golfing in New Mexico

With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, every season is golf season in the Land of Enchantment.

Is New Mexico underrated?

Let’s face it, New Mexico is a shoo-in for the title of “Most Underrated State” because an alarming number of our fellow citizens don’t even realize that the Land of Enchantment is part of the United States.

How many golf courses are in Utah?

There are roughly 140 Utah golf courses, but don’t let that fool you. This state boasts some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world because of its unique desert terrain, and mountainous regions.

Which state has the most golf courses?

Golf courses per square mile
Rank State No. of courses
1 R.I. 56
2 Mass. 376
3 N.J. 295
4 Conn. 179

What is the hardest golf course in Utah?

Sitting at an elevation of almost 7,000 feet, the Painted Valley course counters the altitude by playing as the eighth-longest course in the world. At 8,098 yards, the par-72 layout is also hailed as one of the toughest golf courses in Utah.

Can you golf year round in Salt Lake City?

All Salt Lake City courses are open whenever possible throughout the winter months, though it will often take a day or two after a storm for our staff to clear debris and prepare the course for play.

Can you golf in Utah in winter?

Aside from the small yet challenging nine-hole golf course, you will also get to enjoy bigger golf courses that cater to professional and leisure golfers who want to have a great time in the middle of winter. Because of this, St George, Utah has become one of the best destinations for golfers during the winter season.

Can you golf in Salt Lake City winter?

All Salt Lake City courses are open whenever possible throughout the winter months, though it will often take a day or two after a storm for our staff to clear debris and prepare the course for play.


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