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How can I spend one day in Seattle? 

How to make the most of one day in Seattle
  1. Pike Place Market Visit Seattle.
  2. Bears at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo Dennis Dow/Woodland Park Zoo.
  3. MoPOP and the Seattle Center Monorail Visit Seattle.
  4. Chihuly Garden and Glass Courtesy Chihuly Garden and Glass.
  5. The Space Needle Visit Seattle.

Where should I travel to from Seattle? 

18 Top-Rated Day Trips from Seattle, WA
  • Puget Sound. Puget Sound.
  • Mount Rainier National Park. Mount Rainier National Park | Photo Copyright: Brad Lane.
  • Victoria, British Columbia. Parliament building.
  • San Juan Islands. San Juan Islands.
  • Olympic National Park. Hurricane Ridge.
  • Mount St.
  • North Cascades National Park.
  • Leavenworth.

How do I spend a day in downtown Seattle? 

One Day in Seattle: 2 Ways to Spend a Day in the Emerald City
  1. 10am – Breakfast at Pike Place Market.
  2. 11am – Coffee at the Original Starbucks.
  3. 12pm – Ride the Monorail.
  4. 12:30pm – Ascend the Space Needle.
  5. 1:30pm – Grab Lunch at the Seattle Center.
  6. 2pm – Catch a Ride to Your Ship/Head to SeaTac Airport.

Is one day in Seattle enough? While I would recommend a trip to Seattle of at least a couple of days, you still can see a lot with just 1 day in Seattle. If you’ve never been to Seattle, Washington, the Emerald City, I highly recommend that you make a point of getting there someday. It’s a beautiful city surrounded by amazing natural scenery.

Is Chinatown in Seattle worth visiting?

While the neighborhood started as a Chinese-dominant area during the 1800s, it has since morphed into a mishmash of many cultures, mostly Asian, coming together for intercontinental traditions and delicious food. The restaurants in this district are abundant and well worth exploring.

How can I spend a few hours in Seattle?

5 Hour Itinerary Options for Things to Do in Seattle
  1. Seattle Southside: Museum of Flight, Des Moines Beach Park & Seattle Chocolate Factory Tour.
  2. Seattle Waterfront: Pike Place Market, Seattle Aquarium & Seattle Great Wheel.
  3. Seattle Center : The Space Needle, Pacific Science Center, and MoPOP Museum.
  4. Snoqualmie Falls.

How long should you spend in Seattle?

With 3 to 4 days in the city, it’s easy to experience the best of Seattle: you focus first on the city’s core, and then venture out onto the water or to one of the city’s parks. Stay in a hotel in the downtown core, like Hotel Max, for the easiest travel around the city.

Can you do a day trip from Vancouver to Seattle?

Can you do a day trip from Seattle to Vancouver? Yes, it’s definitely possible. The drive typically takes less than three hours.

What is there to do in Seattle in 48 hours?

48 Hours in Seattle
  • 1PM: Head downtown.
  • 2PM: Walk 9 blocks down to Pike Place Market, the ultimate Seattle experience.
  • 4PM: After spending a few hours wandering around Pike Place, head to the Space Needle.
  • 8PM: After all of that art and culture, it’s dinner time.
  • 9AM: Grab breakfast in Belltown.

What time does Pike Place Market Open?

Hours: Open Daily

Every day is different in the Market but most of Pike Place Market is active from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. with some of our restaurants staying open until midnight or later. Pike Place Market is also open 7 days a week, closed only on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

What food is Seattle known for?

Seattle’s Famous Foods – Everything You Need to Try
  • Oysters.
  • Seafood.
  • Sushi.
  • The Seattle Dog.
  • Coffee.
  • Pho.
  • Teriyaki.
  • Desserts.

Why is Pike Place Market so famous?

Flying fish

Pike Place Fish Market, located at the main entrance of the covered market area, is famous for its crowd-pleasing antics with fish mongers flinging the daily catch through the air to be caught and wrapped behind the counter.

What is the best day to go to Pike Place Market?

Generally mornings before noon are less crowded. The Market is fullest Thursday – Monday.

What time do they throw fish at Pikes Place?

People travel from all over to USA’s Washington State to see the famous Pike Place fish throwers playing their slippery game of catch. At Pike Place Fish Market, the working day begins at 6.30am with ‘a huddle and a stretch’.

Do you need cash for Pike Place Market?

2. Pike Place Market does take credit cards, so don’t worry if you don’t have cash on hand. 3. If you take food to go there are many different areas with seating throughout the market.

Can you walk from Pike Place Market to Space Needle?

It’s easy to get from Pike Place Market to the Space Needle. With only about 1 mile between these two iconic Seattle destinations, it’s just a matter of navigating a few city blocks.

How much does it cost to ride the monorail in Seattle?

Monorail Ticket Rates: Adults: $3.00. Youths (ages 6-18): $1.50. Reduced Rate (seniors 65+, disabled, Medicare card holder, Military w/ ID, ORCA Lift accepted): $1.50.

How long is the SEATTLE MONORAIL ride?

The trip takes approximately 35 minutes; the light rail departs every 6-15 minutes depending on the time of day.

How late does the light rail run in Seattle?

The rail service runs from 05:00 am to 01:00 am from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays runs from 06:00 am to 00:00 am. Frequency is every 6 up to 15 minutes.

Is downtown Seattle Safe?

Is Downtown Seattle safe? During the day, the downtown seattle is safe. The tourist and lively areas (Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, Denny Regrade, Seattle Center) are very busy and carry no risk during the day.

How much is the 1 line in Seattle?

Type Single Ride Day Pass#
Adult (19 – 64) $2.25 $4.50
Youth (6 – 18) $1.50 $3.00
Seniors (65+)/RRFP* $1.00 $2.00
Children 5 and under Free Free

1 more row


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