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Do people golf in Seattle? Golfing in the Seattle Area

Though Chambers Bay is deservedly basking in the international golf spotlight, there are several other outstanding courses in Seattle and the surrounding region. Here are a few more stunners to play, plus some conveniently located driving ranges.

Can you golf year round in Washington state? No matter the season, there is an abundance of golf courses and resorts within the region where year-round golf is not only possible, but desirable for added challenges on the green. From luxury overnight experiences to wallet-friendly day trips, the Pacific Northwest is a golfer’s paradise.

How many courses are in Chambers Bay? 

Chambers Bay
Club information
Type Public
Owned by Pierce County
Operated by KemperSports
Total holes 18

How many holes are in Interbay golf course? There’s not just a driving range at Interbay, there’s a nine-hole golf course and a full mini golf course as well. The Interbay Golf Center (2501 15th Ave W) driving range is the best — and possibly the only driving range — in Seattle.

Is Topgolf coming to Washington state?

It’s this tech that made Seattle, “where tech is at the center of everything,” a natural fit for the company’s 78th global location and first full-scale site in Washington state, Topgolf chief operating officer Gen Gray said in a statement.

When was Interbay golf course built?

Designed by Jack Nicklaus, ASGCA, the Interbay golf course opened in 1997.

When was Oakland Hills Country Club built?

1916: Oakland Hills Country Club founded by Joseph Mack and Norval Hawkins at a meeting of 47 friends and associates at the Detroit Athletic Club on October 17.

What happened to the Oakland Hills Country Club?

Oakland Hills Country Club reportedly estimated the loss of the clubhouse at $80 million. The stately structure, familiar to generations of golf fans, was consumed in a February blaze that might be linked to a propane torch used by maintenance workers, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said last week.

How much does it cost to join the Oakland Hills Country Club?

Oakland Hills’ South Course ranked 31st on’s recent list of the nation’s top 100 golf courses. Costs for membership at the club include $8,400-plus per year in fees and dues, and there are food and beverage minimum charges of up to another $1,000 per year, according to membership documents.

How much does it cost to join Bloomfield Hills Country Club?

A $10,000 initiation fee plus dues ranging from $120 to $500 a month, said Spencer. It’s “a cool, casual club,” Spencer said. “We’re excited for what’s to come.”

Who are members at Oakland Hills Country Club?

The list of members over the years at Oakland Hills is a who’s who of Michigan celebrities and powerbrokers. The list includes: John and Horace Dodge, James Couzens and Edsel Ford. Oakland Hills is very tight-lipped about its current membership and dues, as are many private golf and country clubs.

How much does it cost to join the Detroit Yacht Club?

The ‘yacht club stereotype’

A little more than a third of the DYC are boating members who pay $390 per month for the privilege to dock their boat at the club, plus the annual cost of the boat slip. (Non-boating social members over the age of 35 pay $365).

Who owns Wabeek country club?

Detroit Investors Purchase Wabeek Country Club in Bloomfield Township, Multi-Million-Dollar Renovation Under Way. A group of private Detroit-based investors led by Joe Barbat today announced the acquisition of Wabeek Country Club, located at 4000 Club Gate Dr.


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